Justin RLA / 21 / Ottawa, Canada

Single / Straight / INTJ

I was going to be productive, but alas...

This is Justin (aka Trichotome or Warcry31), a multimedia (as in game, web, graphics, etc) design student who also draws and does silly things on the side... When I'm not being swamped with work that is... Which isn't often.



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I’ve started up playing a Pathfinder Mummy’s Mask campaign recently and did an illustration of my character. She’s a sylph rogue with a love for adventuring, an eccentric personality, and a tragic past. For people who have looked at my previous work, she may seem somewhat familiar.

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I was gonna say something here but all I can think it what the hell

please listen to this and watch this .gif at the same time


Allow me to make one little addendum to my previous post:

My aunt was the only one who brought up my friend’s sexuality. It had nothing to do with the situation at hand, nor does it have any significant bearing on our friendship. I didn’t choose to help him because of his sexuality. I chose to help him because he is a human being and friend that I care about.

People aren’t defined solely by their sexuality, or any one factor, nor are friendships.