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I was going to be productive, but alas...

This is Justin (aka Trichotome or Warcry31), a multimedia (as in game, web, graphics, etc) design student who also draws and does silly things on the side... When I'm not being swamped with work that is... Which isn't often.


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I was gonna say something here but all I can think it what the hell

please listen to this and watch this .gif at the same time


Allow me to make one little addendum to my previous post:

My aunt was the only one who brought up my friend’s sexuality. It had nothing to do with the situation at hand, nor does it have any significant bearing on our friendship. I didn’t choose to help him because of his sexuality. I chose to help him because he is a human being and friend that I care about.

People aren’t defined solely by their sexuality, or any one factor, nor are friendships.

Quick Venting

Okay, a couple things really peeved me off yesterday and they reminded me that there’s a couple things that don’t get said often enough but that really should:

1. A family or family member that abuses you, treats you poorly, judges you, and does not give you aid in your time of need is no true family. Even if you must deal with them for a time out of financial needs or loyalty to your blood, release yourself from those bindings and get those sorts of people out of your lives as fast as possible.

2. Never, NEVER let ANYONE make you feel bad for the personal choices you make or who you choose to associate with. Concern for your well-being is one thing, and it’s worth listening to those concerns and acknowledging fair points, but if their comments stem from hate, ignorance, or intolerance, they needn’t be heeded.

If you’re looking for context, a very close childhood friend of mine was kicked out by his mother out of spite following an argument, and on the way to pick him up, my aunt who was driving insinuated without knowledge of the situation that he was likely in the wrong and that I should not associate with people of that kind, by which she meant homosexuals, out of a misguided impression that they are all mentally imbalanced and dangerous deviants. I was very quick to shut down that discussion, lest I lose my temper with her.